Fuck dude what do I do?
Just let her go bro, what can you do..?
But I love her, I made a mistake.
So what, love isn’t enough.
I can’t just let her go it feels so wrong. I made a mistake.
When you fuck up bro there’s consequences.
And this one you don’t get another chance at. You just have to learn the worst way possible.
I can’t just let her go!
You have to… If you love her so bad do whatever the fuck she wants.. even if that means leaving her the fuck alone bro.
FUCK MAN I guess you’re right.. I know you’re right.. And I’m wrong.
It’s going to be hard bro I know.
It’s just we had these dreams we had these plans I wouldn’t even think of with anyone else. A life together. I just forget all of that?
Fuck you man, get the fuck out of here you’re fucking up my mind.
Well I should, you did this to yourself. You brought it upon yourself. You hurt her. The best thing for her is to leave your fucking shitty ass. You are a drag, a speed bump on her road. So get out the way bro.
I can’t believe this. You’re right. She was right. They were all right, I was gonna fuck this up again and it would be the last.
dude can I go die now..?
Bro, you’re already dead. Your a lost cause already, How did you ever expect to love anyone when you don’t even love yourself. Do you know what you fucking did within those years?! All the fucking pain you’ve brought? Your dead and you don’t even know it yet, so pathetic bro.
Why do you fucking call me bro when you’re against me.
Because we think the same brudda.. you and I are the same pathetic piece of shit. You just haven’t managed us right.

thoughts bashing crashing downonme stoparguing whatdidyoufuckingdoritz

I’m so scared. I’m already history, I’m already a memory because I screwed up

i feel like i died. i feel like i failed on my main mission. i feel like absolutely nothing at this point.